True Zagorje Home


Zagorje. The home of rolling hills and peaceful valleys. This picturesque landscape, filled with the colorful fertile fields and elevated wine roads, boasts a breathtaking view. It is a landscape steeped in history, the cradle of tradition, culture, and home of the prehistoric man, but also of welcoming and cheery hosts. All this and much more you can find in Zagorje.

People who have lived here for generations breathe with nature and offer each guest the very best. Above all, a sense of a second home, where everybody is happy to return throughout the seasons, and the sheer beauty of the diversity that can be found in every nook and cranny of this green environment.

The nature remains magnificent all year round and exudes dreamlike landscapes, where adrenaline seekers or guests who want to enjoy the atmosphere of home and, with birdsong in the background, pause time at least for a moment will fall in love with it all over again. There are countless activities that will allow you to explore the countryside and add some dynamic to your stay, and the welcoming hosts will certainly point you in the right direction. The ac-commodation options are suitable for all tastes. From modern houses set in green oases to traditional wooden cottages situated in quiet areas, providing privacy and everything you need for a quality rest and relaxation. They are equipped with swimming pool, whirlpools, spacious terraces, and backyards, which makes them ideal destinations for families with children, couples, adventur-ers, but also people with pets. The choice is yours. Come and enjoy a great vacation in pristine na-ture.

True Zagorje home, a place where fairytales become reality.